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Sunday, September 25 2022 @ 11:31 pm UTC

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Getting started!

The Finer Things & other VicesThis is my place to talk about all those things naughty.

News from the Kegarator: Still empty, waiting for the baby to be done nursing so there is more than one of us to drink off a barrel.
News from the Bar: Still watching out for an art deco Cellarette, but this week I have been back on the Rum and Coke, specifically Cruzan. The week before it was Rebel Yell Whiskey.

The Rebel Yell is quite nice its smooth and to sweet. but more on that later

News from the humidor: Still need one! I have been rocking the large Tupperware with humidity beads to keep a few sticks around. Yesterday I smoked an H. Upmann Sun Grown Short Churchill the humidor is a bit moist but it was a good smoke. There are many reviews of it and I am still developing my pallet when it comes to cigars, maybe tomorrow if i get away I'll get in to a Kristoff - Maduro Robusto.